Cheng Hoi LokMacau, China

One of the biggest advantages given by undergraduate school in Japan is you can be sure to join a laboratory and do research in your undergraduate years.

Accompanied by the advanced technology here, pursuing a degree in Japan is always ideal except for communication problems.The Chemistry-Biology Combined Major Program of Osaka University successfully manages to ultimately minimize this obstacle for international students and offer the real chance for foreign students to exclusively explore diverse and specific fields freely without any concerns. This is a thrilling program that allows science-enthusiasts like me and you to gain a significant insight about latest technology and stand on the shoulders of a giant, the Osaka University.

Tuchinda WasinThailand

The CBCMP’s extensive range of classes makes my knowledge greater than the sum of its parts. The combined classes grant the advantage to bridge the gap between the two sciences.Despite my current focus in physical chemistry, 2.5 years of combined major classes allow me to see beyond the research currently conducted and move along easily to its application. The hands-on nature of the research environment at Osaka University also keeps me learning not only in the classroom but also heavily through intensive laboratory sessions. Osaka University also provides a nice and friendly atmosphere for our minds to rest and perform.

Pasin MapaisansinThailand

This program provides a wide range of both chemistry and biology based subjects, and other interesting subjects in science fields such as physics, mathematics, and statistics. The learning environment is very friendly because the class size is small, allowing good and relaxing interactions between the students and professors, who are all experts in their areas, but at the same time easy-going with the students. Not only does a student-teacher bond develop, but great friendship also make us get along with them.

The flexibility of the program is just enough that you have time for your interests and hobbies, and some activities can be done together with other people in the program as well. You can continue doing anything of your interests or having your lifestyle, which enjoying the international / Japanese life.

The contents of the courses are all sufficient for further studies in science. Another important highlight is that the program allows students to use a lot of interesting instruments which are not available in school but in the lab.

Overall it is a good opportunity to study in the CBCMP because it offers many good aspects of students’ life, international and Japanese network, and of course knowledge in science.


CBCMP is definitely an interesting course: it combines the many aspects of biology, chemistry, and of course physics! The program itself is very flexible, so although it says “Chemistry-Biology Combined Major Program” you can still pursue education outside of the realms of biochemistry.

The instructors here are real characters and they welcome you warmly. Classes here are also smaller compared to other universities, so the instructors do get to know you personally, which is a good thing!

I‘d recommend this program to anyone interested in the field of science, especially if you are interested in life science and chemical engineering. You will not regret it!

Trakooltham KaweewanThailand

CBCMP provides quality education in the fields of chemistry and biology, the two intersecting areas of natural science, as well as general education. As the fields of science are interconnected, studying relating fields concurrently can broaden one’s perspective, making CBCMP a comprehensive multidisciplinary program. With small class sizes, students can approach the professors whenever in doubt, and the professors are always willing to give advice, both in class as well as personally. Students are given a lot of support by the staff members right from the very first day. To me, being in the CBCMP makes me feel very much at home. I do not regret having decided to be part of CBCMP at all.

Suprem ChumchuenThailand

CBCMP equips students with a chemistry and biology perspective of thinking. It’s a good thing to combine more than 1 discipline together, so that we will have more knowledge and different approaches to solve problems. It’s a good choice for those who truly appreciate studying science and research. Students will join a laboratory in the 3rd year. Although it’s an international program, you will have chances to learn Japanese language and culture. The very good thing is the small size classes. You will be very close to friends and professors, which is a good thing because you will be more encouraged and comfortable asking questions.

Yu Ting HuiTaiwan

I recommend CBCMP to students who are interested in general science. One of the good things about this program is its flexibility. The students are given one and half year before deciding their department and they can choose the lab they are interested to join in their final year. On top of that, the professors and the staff members provide students the level of support they needs, not only in the sense of academic study but also when dealing with something personal. Another thing that makes me glad to be in this program is the fact that it gives me the opportunity to experience and have a deeper understand about Japanese culture. I hope you will enjoy this program and the life in Osaka University as much as I did.