Chemistry Biology Experiments 2


Chemistry & Biology Experiments 2 (3 credits) is basically open to the 3rd year students in CBCMP in the 5th semester. It consists of Chemistry part and Biology part. Students are required to take part in both parts to get the credits. Here, only Biology part will be explained. Please refer to another tab ‘Chemistry’ for Chemistry part.


Course Content ~Biology part~:

Week 1: Guidance on Biology experiments and Lecture on Safety guidelines for living modified organism experiments

Week 2: Digestion of DNA with a restriction enzyme

Week 3: Ligation and Transformation

Week 4: Insert checking and Bacterial culture

Week 5: Plasmid extraction

Week 6: DNA sequencing

Week 7: DNA and phenotypic expression

Learning outcomes

This course aims at providing students with opportunities to learn basic skills in handling one of the biological molecules, DNA. At the end of the course, students should:

- gain knowledge about the fundamental principles of recombinant DNA technology.

- gain the basic skills of recombinant DNA cloning.

- be able to develop their ability to analyze and discuss scientific data.

- be able to improve their ability to write a laboratory report/research paper.


Students are expected to strengthen their knowledge of biology by hands-on experience. This course is also intended as training for doing graduate research.


Chemistry & Biology Experiments 2 ~Biology part ~

(To be provided on the Guidance day)


Attendance is crucial, and late arrival is subject to score reduction. Active participation in actual experiments is graded based on behavior, preparation for lessons, and laboratory notebook. Reports and exercises submitted after each experiment are also evaluated. Submission of all reports is essential. Late submission is penalized by a deduction of points and lack of submission will result in an “F” in the course.

Active class participation: 50%, Exercises and Reports: 50%.


Assistant Professor

Atsuko Yamada

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