Life in Osaka

Osaka is the central hub in the Kansai region (a region which on its own has a GDP about the same as Netherlands). Kansai collectively encompasses Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo & Wakayama prefectures. The list of places of natural beauty (Kouyasan, Wakayama, World Heritage) and the countless list of temples in Kyoto & Nara (17 with world heritage status) means besides the frenzied shopping streets & lights of Umeda & Shinsaibashi you have not just entertainment but also cultural hotspots too.

Life in Osaka

What our students say

What kind of information (sources) did you refer to when choosing Japanese universities?
① Websites/Internet.
② The course itself ; future career options.
③ Reputation/Ranking
What do you think are the good points of living in Japan?
① People in Japan are so kind, everyone helps you.
② Clean, quiet, convenient, safe, fresh air, and nice food.
③ Good environment and medical treatment.
What do you think are the good points of Osaka University (CBCMP) compared to other Japanese universities?
① It offers intense science courses with small class sizes.
② Learning environment is better with low tuition fees .
③ It is famous for research/researchers, scientific facilities, and large campuses.